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Okay, yes, I know this is later than the usual Thursday voting post; however, as many of you probably didn't notice, there was no Thursday voting post because there was nothing to vote on. One person submitted three very lovely icons, and for that, we thank her. We also apologize for the fact that you didn't get a chance to compete, because I'm sure you would have done very well. I will unscreen that comment for anyone who wants to see them, because they deserve to be shared. :)

This post is probably pointless, because I don't think anyone actually reads these posts. Nonetheless, I feel it would be irresponsible not to let you know that the community will be going on an indefinite hiatus until there is more interest. How will we know there is more interest? You will comment on this post and let us know you don't hate us; or at the very least, that you're interested in making icons again.

I don't mean to be short with you, but putting time and effort into a community is very frustrating when no one participates, or even replies to desperate pleas for suggestions on how to improve the community. I will be moving to the opposite side of the globe in another couple of weeks, and Liz is busy completing her senior year of college right now; so it is much better for both of us if we don't waste our efforts with a community that is currently going nowhere.

I hope to be posting again in the near future. Don't forget to leave a comment if you want the contests to start back up again. When we receive enough requests, it will continue.

<3 Jacqui
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