Jacqui (3valve) wrote in britband_stills,

*shifty eyes* check it out - unrelated pimping!

Sorry to be using this slightly neglected community for pimping, but I know some of you are actually Harry Potter fans, so hopefully this still catches your eye! :)

Looking for a DIFFERENT Harry Potter sorting community? Check out dimicatio_fuga, the Second War Community that offers something different than simple house stamping. Are you and Order Member or a Death Eater? Participate in contests that range from writing articles or fics, to graphic designing DVD covers or icons. Test your knowledge with trivia and fight each battle to earn points for your camp. Who will win? It's up to you!

Feel free to ask questions about the community, and I'll answer them the best I can. If you apply, mention me in your application (I'm a Death Eater) so I can earn points! :)

You know you want to join. I'm a graphics mod and a Death Eater leader, and polarlucky Liz is in the Order of the Phoenix, so you already know it rocks. Hehehe. ;)

[/blatant pimping]
(sorry if you see this twice, it's going to be cross-posted a bit)
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