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General Announcements

Hi! Um, we obviously took a break from contests. I meant to make a post and say that, but things got a little hectic around here and I never got a chance. So... surprise! You got a break! Heh... oops.

Contests will restart Friday. Technically, however, they will start tomorrow, because Liz and I are both driving out to my university for the weekend and therefore won't be around to post the contest! So look for that sometime Thursday night.

Other changes:

The poll indicated that more people wanted to leave the contests at one week long. They will remain at one week for now, but if I see the same low participation, it will be permanently changed to 2 weeks until we get more members and more participation.

Also due to low numbers, voting rules have changed slightly. You do not have to vote in order to be eligible to win a contest - but it is still strongly encouraged. Also, don't forget to vote if you're just lingering! Those of you who like looking at icons - here's your chance to tell us which ones you like! Participate, participate, participate! It just helps us choose the winners more fairly in the end.

Membership is still low despite efforts to promote ourselves. Do us a favor and promote us, too... tell your friends, stick a link in your userinfo, something. Please? I'll try to make pretty buttons for you to use! :)

Winners and banners of the last challenge will be up shortly, hopefully.
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